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Is your workplace a jerkplace? Author and management consultant Ken Lloyd offers tips on dealing with office idiots. Television sitcoms are prime real estate for people behaving badly, especially at work. But the abrasive behavior, gossipy cliques, department rivalries and practical jokes that make you laugh during prime time aren’t nearly as amusing when you’re working nine to five. In the real world, a real jerk can cause real damage. These types of behaviors erode morale and destroy productivity in the workplace. They foment dissent and can lead to lawsuits. No bottom-line happiness there. Ken Lloyd, a management consultant and the author of “Office Idiots: What to Do When Your Workplace is a Jerkplace,” says the biggest offenders are “office idiots who don’t recognize the value of diversity,” and the creativity that it brings to a business. In an article on Small Business Computing, Lloyd offers ways to combat idiot behaviors in a business setting. Here are a few of his suggestions to help keep your workplace focused and productive. (MORE: Post-Deal Management and Client Retention) The simple truth is that office idiots won’t go away by themselves. You need to challenge the behavior and take action. A positive outcome really depends on your approach: no one wants to create an explosive situation. When you focus on an offender’s behavior and performance, rather than on personality traits, you’re more likely to diffuse a tense situation, sidestep defensiveness and resolve matters professionally. Ask yourself whether you actually encourage office idiocy. That may seem ridiculous on the face of things, but you could be enabling these behaviors unwittingly. For example, do you ever let the office chatterbox monopolize your time and attention complete a coworker’s assignment at the expense of your own to-do list Every time you let this (or something similar) happen, you reward the behavior. It’s time to speak up and act assertively. (MORE: Follow the Money) The next step in fostering a jerk-free work place is to put an end to the myth of multitasking. Your multitasking colleagues, the

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