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Small businesses may find it a challenge to secure financing the old fashioned way. Consider these alternatives to see if they make sense for your business. Funding a startup or securing a small business loan from a bank remains a challenge to say the least. But when one avenue shuts down, it seems that new roadways open up, at least according to Stephen Sheinbaum, founder and CEO of Merchant Cash & Capital, who firmly believes that small business owners have more financing alternatives today than ever before. That can be a good thing in a challenging economy, especially for those who’ve been turned down by the traditional financial outlets. But everything comes at a price, and when you’re looking at quick access to cash, you can expect to pay more in interest rates. That’s the tradeoff, said Sheinbaum in an article on Small Business Computing. Alternative financiers accept a higher level of risk for a higher rate of return. If you’re looking for alternate ways to fund your small business you might find these options, and the steps required to secure them, worth researching. Alternative Financing Options for Small Business 1. Begin at the beginning When you search for financing, start with your banker and a traditional loan first. Make sure that you know your numbers cold, that you provide a list of assets (including property and equipment), and that you can present a complete picture of your company’s financial situation. If you can’t, don’t count on scoring a loan. (MORE: Lead Management Leads to Business Growth) 2. Borrow against expected income If the traditional route shuts you out, consider purchase-order financing. It’s a short-term solution that lets you borrow on orders you’ve received, but have not yet fulfilled or taken payment on. This type of financing is particularly helpful if you’ve won a big contract, but you aren’t financially able to make good on it. 3. Cash-in on accounts receivable Another option similar to purchase-order financing is called “factor financing.” It’s when an institution (or factor) lends you money

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