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Is your business stuck in a rut? These days, doing what you’ve always done won’t cut it anymore. Just look at former movie rental giant Blockbuster. All the brand familiarity and market dominance in the world couldn’t save the company when it lagged behind competitors more responsive to critical changes in the market. In an article on Small Business Computing, Pedro Hernandez discusses five steps small business leaders can take to ensure that their strategies evolve and their businesses grow with the times. Step One: Cultivate Creativity Businesses that don’t innovate run the risk of falling behind. Again, look at Blockbuster. To avoid a similar fate, cultivate a creative organization. Start with the raw material: employees from diverse backgrounds, with diverse perspectives to bring to the table. Encourage them to stay current both on what matters to your customers and what’s going on in the world beyond, and keep them challenged with projects aimed at turning what they learn into fresh new ideas. Step Two: Optimize Collaboration We all know that teamwork matters. Are you making the most of your teams? At its best, teamwork means much more than just putting a group of people together to divvy up tasks and report back to some leader. A well-assembled team is much more than the sum of its individual members: more agile, more creative, more efficient, and more productive. How well do individual team members’ strengths and weaknesses mesh? Do the strengths of some help compensate for the weaknesses of others, and do all members have something different to contribute? If you’ve got groups of people too similar to each other, consider moving some around to better utilize them. (MORE: Success Centers on Sales) Step Three: Take Some Risks Now that you’ve taken the necessary steps to stimulate creativity and drive innovation within your business, start putting some new ideas to the test. In business as in life, getting out of the comfort zone is critical to growth, so don’t let objections like “But this isn’t how we do things” or

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