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2 Designing The Words

When we think of a well-designed website, most of us think about simply how the site looks. But, looks aren’t everything, especially in the wonderful world of web.

That’s not to say a good looking website goes unnoticed though, there needs to be a little bait to spark our attention initially and entice us to keep looking. A carefully crafted website will do just that, but it’s the whole package that differentiates an appealing site to one that is constructively amazing.

As a web designer we have a trained eye for detail and a job to deliver something that is visually appealing, but a website needs more than this to fuel the thirst of both users and search engines – well-designed words is just as crucial. We look at few expert tips to help ensure your website has it all, looks and personality!

Starting with a Blank Canvas

What comes first, the design or content? Some argue that it’s easier to design a website when there’s actual content to start with as it allows the layout to be planned in the most natural way for navigation and presentation. On the other hand, design constraints can make it difficult for the content writer to know what they are working with.

Regardless though you can’t have a website without content, and you can’t have a website without a designer so the two need to work very closely together. During the initial planning stages of a new website it can be easy to get caught up in the look and feel of it, but incorporating a content strategy early on is essential for a fruitful website.

The Importance of Content Strategy

For anything to work well there needs to be a clear purpose and plan to support it. Content is a key element of customer experience so it needs its own approach to be successful and to support meaningful and interactive practices. Remember, it’s the layers of content that readers are coming to your site for so it needs to be better than decent.

Not knowing the development of your content can delay website design. To ensure an effective website is in in place, both the web designer and content strategist need to be in sync with each other.

Captivate Your Audience – In More Ways Than One

If you’re not capturing attention, you’re losing valuable prospects. People don’t go back to an uninteresting site; they look for the information elsewhere so creating one that offers an exciting and user-friendly experience is priority.

Feeding your audience’s hunger for enthrallment though doesn’t just come in the one step; it’s through the website’s direction, visual appeal and fresh content. Having one without the other doesn’t work – an amazing looking site is almost useless if it doesn’t give you the information you want. Sure you could probably appreciate the design work that’s gone into it, but that doesn’t give you results.

In the same regards, a website that has engaging and fresh content but isn’t user-friendly will eventually be disregarded. Great content means nothing if the navigation isn’t clear or if it’s too hard to find. This is when optimised content also comes in handy – using keyword rich material will ensure search engines can find your content and that it doesn’t get lost.

Why waste your time creating content when people can’t find it? If you’re working hard to construct compelling materials, you need to make sure you have a site that is easy to use and attractive to your visitors.

Communication is the Key to Any Relationship

Without a solid flow of communication relationships are destined to fail. Content communicates a brand’s value and beliefs’ making it a vital ingredient, but to deliver on that promise it requires thoughtful web design and architecture to support it.

A good design shouldn’t confuse the content or distract from it, instead it will complement. Design and content are communication tools so to do their job effectively; their tones need to match with each other. To be successful, you must concentrate on both the website’s language and the visual design. Your website should provide the platform for the message – but it’s the content that communicates it.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Bouncing Orange, Perth based web designers, web development, graphic design and branding agency.

A Website Designer is a blog by Dan Norris a passionate small business Web design expert from the Gold Coast, Australia. Read this full post here Designing the Words, Not Just you’re Website

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