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Google BotA few months ago I released a post stating I had created a web crawler from scratch.  Desires for wanting to use it more as a marketing tool were quickly seen by small businesses and wholesalers.  Over the holiday I've started the project, and it should be done within the next 2 weeks as it is one of two projects on my desk at the moment.  As an example, here's how it can be used.  

Lets pretend you're a beer manufacturer and want to advertise your beverages to every alcoholic bar  in the top 736 cities in America (note I did index locals for the UK and Australia too).  We task the crawler to crawl the internet looking for all bars and restaurants in those areas picking up on the name of the location, address, phone number and URL of their current website.  It will then be able to go through their site looking for email addresses allowing your beer company to not just cold call or do sales walk-ins, but email marketing too.

We should be able to begin beta testing by the end of December.


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