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Web Hosting Trust

Step 2 involves ordering a webhost. A webhost is a company that provides server space (the "plot of land" your website will be built on). Once you have contracted a webhost and bought a domain, you must configure your domain to point to your webhost. This will allow viewers to see your website on their computers when they enter your URL into their web browser. We will configure this for you if you buy a site from our store. See Consulting (Step 3) for more information. Web hosting costs can range from $6/mo to over $30/mo. For most site owners, web hosting won't cost more than $15/mo, but if you expect your website to have over 200 users online at all times, you should invest in a more expensive plan.

Tips on picking a webhost –

Read the fine print! If you were to spend hours and hours comparing only the superficial features of web hosts (such as storage space and bandwidth), you might end up contracting a webhost that has lots of "little details" in their Terms of Service Agreement. These so-called "little details" can actually make a big difference in your web hosting experience. These hosts do exist, and some of them are quite popular, so be careful.

Regardless of whom you choose, be sure to read third-party user reviews before buying hosting. If a web host provides services differently than advertised, it's bound to be mentioned in reviews.

WebDesignLab's Webhost Favorite –

The webhost we recommend is Dreamhost (www.dreamhost.com). They are an established hosting company with an excellent reputation for supporting their customers. Not only are they up-front about their hosting plan, but they tell you what the cost of a Virtual Private Server will be if your website does become extremely popular. Unfortunately, other (less honest) webhosts may simply lock you out from your data, or disable your website until new invoices are met.

Hosting Options –

A. Shared Dreamhost Plan: Hosting your website on our Dreamhost account can save you approximately $84.00 dollars a year. All requests pertaining to your webhost can be handled either online through our Live Support Chat, our Support Ticket Department or simply over the phone.  This means all E-Mail Addresses and FTP accounts you wish to be setup are handled by us within 24 hours.

B.      Independent Dreamhost Account: While this option is not the cheapest of the three options, it does give you more direct access to  your webhost. This means you have the ability to create E-Mail accounts and more without having to go through .Np|D Support Online or over the phone. To show you how easy it could be, Dreamhost has a Demo Control Panel available to see just how easy managing your hosting is.

Please feel free to E-Mail us via the Store about product questions or concerns for your new website!

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Three EASY steps
to building your site:


  • "I found Web Design Lab in an ad on my local Craigslist one day and I was actually in the market for a website for my photography business. After a few short conversations, Travis started working on a prototype for my site. I was not in a hurry and told Travis exactly what I wanted. Within a very short time period Travis had my site up and running. Not only did the result look awesome and professional, but he made all the little tweaks I asked for after words as well.

    I would recommend Web Design Lab to anyone, as they are a very professional and friendly group."

    -Max Zinkov, Texas
  • "Web Design Lab is absolutely one essential part of my success for my new business. From the beginning I conveyed my thoughts and ideas and they masterfully made them come alive on my webpage. I trust Web Design Lab with all my website information and design help is just leagues above the rest and he continues to update me and steer me in the right direction.

    Travis is not only a business partner but I feel as though he is a trusted friend of my family."

    -Jon Yankasky, Idaho
  • "I wanted to say thank you very much for doing such a fantastic job on my new website design. Travis had met and exceeded our expectations, and we are very happy with the results. Kudos to your entire team. We look forward to a long-term business relationship with Web Design Lab."

    -Michael Farrel, y-city
  • "Travis at Web Design Lab created my website in the matter of days.  Having no website experience myself, Travis made the process painless and quick.  With a few lessons which were included in the package, I am now easily able to change the website daily if I wish.
    I highly recommend Web Design Lab for all your computer needs."

    -Sandra Larson, Connecticut
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